Business Owners Should Hire SEO Consultants for Business Online Presence

Smart business owners understand that they need to have a business online presence in order to not just survive, but to grow in this economy. As more and more consumers turn to the internet to search for products and services, the old paper directory books like The Yellow pages are on their way out.

In fact, the younger generation doesn’t use the Yellow Pages at all. And why would they when they have the world literally at their finger tips via computers, lap tops, and now, smart phones.

Many people know it’s important to get have a business online presence and are hiring web designers to build websites for them. And it’s a good start. But not all, in fact hardly any, web designers are SEO savy. In fact, many of them don’t know the first thing about how to optimize a website for the search engines.

And so business people are left with websites that don’t make it to the first page of Google, or even the tenth or the hundredth page. And therefore, they are not getting found and their businesses are not getting new customers.

That’s where SEO consultants come in. SEO experts know how to get websites to rank high in search engines. SEO consultants have spent years learning about search engine optimization (SEO) and all the skills needed (including keywords research, on-site and off-site SEO, and link building) to get high rankings in search engines.

And it’s fairly easy for SEO consultants to get locally focused keyword terms ranked high in search engines. There’s no worry about competing against global or national competitors. Instead, the competition is limited to a local market, which is fairly easy to achieve for anyone with basic skills in search engine optimization.

And now that Google has come out with Google Maps (which attaches a map location to each business) it’s vital that business people claim their own business location on Google maps. It’s also important that they know it’s FREE. There are some very unscrupulous people out there who are calling businesses and “offering” to get them on Google maps for a “mere” $500 or more bucks. Shameful!

SEO consultants with any sense of honor and kindness would use the Google maps as a way to build trust with businesses by offering to set it up free for them. Something as simple as setting up Google maps for businesses can be used to get a foot in the business owner’s door, and help to build a working relationship.

The powerful SEO skills that internet marketers and SEO consultants possess are very important tools that business owners should be utilizing. SEO consultants can help business owners make their way through the confusing maze of online marketing and help create a highly visible business online presence.

Getting high search rankings from Google and other search engines is difficult, and it’s a complicated process that takes expertise in Search Engine Optimization (SEO). But with the help of SEO experts businesses can see huge and growing rewards from online exposure.

We have been doing professional SEO and internet marketing for over 4 years and understand what it takes to get pages ranked high in the search engines. We know how to create websites that are keyword-rich and optimized for the search engines. We can help you with your online presence and help you get found by customers wanting and needing your services.

Internet Lifestyle: How The Internet and Personal Technology Has Impacted Your Family

Is your family better off or worse off because of the internet lifestyle we live? Never before has it been so easy to be so connected but so disconnected to the world. Future generations are growing up with less communications ability than the current generation. Is that good or bad? Let us weigh the pros and cons of each side to the argument and afterward, you can assess your family to see if you are better or worse off because of the Internet Lifestyle.

Are we truly better off with the internet lifestyle? Not, in this time in history, we have more addictions than ever before, more obesity than ever before, more drugs, more sex crimes and the list goes on and on. Many of these things have escalated since the introduction of the internet into our lifestyles. People are like zombies in 2011. People wake up and every waking moment is controlled by technology where they are looking for their next fix. We sit in front of computers all day every day, and then we come home, watch TV, and spend more time on the computer. Entertainment has become the favorite past time in America today.

Just look at all the marketing done by billion dollar corporations to retrieve the money out of your pocket. You were convinced you needed an iPads when at the time; corporations for various business applications used a tablet. The marketers of the iPad figured out how to create an eager desire in the people to encourage them that an iPad would make their lives better. Not only were you convinced you needed an iPad, you also was willing to dish out the money necessary to pay a monthly fee for service. Really, how many times do we need to pay for the internet (once on the phone, once on the iPad, and once at home?)

The Internet has enhanced our lifestyle greatly. I can remember growing up and having to look into the encyclopedia whenever I wanted to learn something. The Internet has affected everything, from shopping, to staying connected to your family and friends to getting a college education. Think about what you do if you want to learn something. You are able to access the internet from your phone, TV, laptop, desktop, gaming systems, and most other portable devices. Are you living the lifestyle of your dreams through the internet or is the internet controlling your lifestyle.

The Internet allows you to save more money and to make money like never before. Are you leveraging the Internet to increase the quality of your lifestyle or are you allowing companies to leverage your money to generate billions? The Internet Lifestyle has afforded many people to make extra money or even a full time living. Are you using the Internet to create the lifestyle of your dreams? If not, are you at least leveraging the Internet to save money? The Internet can enhance your lifestyle in so many ways. I am sure you cannot imagine living without the internet. What else do you want out of life?

Las Vegas Travel Planning: How to Save Money

Las Vegas evokes visions of extravagant, exciting, colorful mega resorts; flashing neon lights; warm, desert weather; slot machines; showgirls; and fun. Las Vegas is no longer just about gambling. Today, Las Vegas has world-class restaurants, unique shopping, headliner entertainment, spas, golf, tennis, and elaborate pool complexes. If you’re planning on going to Las Vegas, here are some tips to save you money.

Package it

Las Vegas trip planning needn’t be difficult. Often the best prices are found by booking a package through a tour operator that includes roundtrip airfare, accommodations, and transportation to and from the airport all for one price. Often these packages feature charter flights, and are frequently non-stop flights. There’s something festive about a plane full of vacationers all headed for Vegas. Charter flights require a little flexibility, as they generally don’t operate every day, but the rewards can be savings of up to 40 percent.

Book Early; Book Late

The paradox of Las Vegas travel planning is that the best rates, almost always, go to those travelers who either book very early or very late. Tour operators, airlines, and hotels reward those who ante up their travel dollars early and help operators meet their booking goals. Conversely, they tend to panic within 21 days or so of departure, fearing they won’t be able to sell all their seats or rooms, and consequently slash prices dramatically. One example of this is the deep discounts offered via the Internet for travelers who can book on Wednesday and travel on Friday or Saturday. The catch to this, of course, is that not all cities are offered on any given week.

Take Advantage of the Freebies

Las Vegas is famous for its “comps.” You don’t have to be a high roller to qualify for freebies. Most casinos have some type of frequent player’s club. Don’t be shy. Sign up as soon as you arrive and make sure that you insert your card into the slot machine or show it to the pit boss for table play. Rewards can range from complimentary meals and gifts to free hotel nights.

Ask about coupon books when you make your reservation and when you check into the resort in Las Vegas. Many tour operators and most hotels offer a value book with two-for-one drink and meal specials, match play coupons, and other specials. Don’t leave this bet on the table.

Travel Off-Season

It’s hard to imagine that the thousands of hotel rooms in Las Vegas can all be full during certain times of the year, but they are. Las Vegas is one of the busiest convention destinations in the world. These mega-shows are held mostly from early spring through late autumn with a break during the hottest middle of the summer. Book your trip in early January or mid-July for a lower price.

Las Vegas trip planning needed be stressful. Online travel information, a good travel agent, and a little flexibility can go a long way to putting together a memorable and enjoyable trip to Las Vegas. Don’t delay. Get started on planning your trip today.

Why Online Education Is Not For Everyone

Much of online education has been centered on the market of those who are seeking college degrees. It seems that online education if a “hot” process to become a part of. A person sees that he can get a college education sitting at the kitchen table in his pajamas. He won’t have to get dressed and to a class. He can study when he wants to instead of on a class schedule.

Corporate employees who need to complete training classes can get those class requirements met by taking an online offering. Administrators see online education as a way to deliver courses more cost-effectively. Teachers are thinking they had better figure out how to teach online because their jobs may be in jeopardy with current funding cuts to schools across America.

Is Online Education For Everybody?

Since the use of the word “everybody” is all inclusive, the answer is “No.” So, let’s consider just what a person needs to make if work for his particular needs. Self-discipline and initiative are essential to the success of one’s online education. You sign in regularly, spend hours sitting at your computer, develop a schedule and stay with it. If you are going to be successful, then you’d better make some strong commitments. Just make those commitments one time and do not ever allow yourself to think, “Do I really want to do this today?”

Not everybody has the self-discipline to complete online classes. About 50% of those who start drop out or are just unable to complete the program.

Teachers may have to spend hours to prepare the real-time instruction required. They are already busy in their jobs. They may have a technological learning curve to master before they are any good at online teaching. I could be overwhelming for them.

Administrators who think online education reduces the overhead of on-site buildings and computers may not recognize the tremendous task that managing online education will become for them. They think that classes can be much larger and more students will benefit. That simply is not true because with the high level of interaction that occurs in online classes, an instructor cannot possible manage more than 20 students per session.

Courses in academics may lend themselves well to online instruction; however, courses involving hands-on learning require expensive simulations to become a part of the online class. Even so, they do not replace classroom and laboratory instruction.

Institutions and cultures differ. Learning for students with disabilities is unique to each of them. There are even some cultures which disapprove of technologies which place them in the world of electronics. Others object for moral, philosophical or religious reasons.

Online education opportunities are not possible for many who aren’t able to afford computers and internet and headsets and the cost of programs online.

This author has for several years been an online teacher for K-8 students where the learning plans were prescribed and presented to both student and teacher at the same time. In this environment, three students worked with a teacher for one hour. Each was in need of constant feedback and support, which, in a traditional classroom, a teacher can more easily provide. Most of the online students were those with special needs.

These kiddos’ parents or a corporation pay at least $50 an hour to participate. The teachers are paid $10 for that hour, regardless of their expertise. Children who are not tech savvy and who are so distractible that they can hear your stomach growling when you are in another room were expected to benefit from online education. Of all the students teach online, perhaps 20% could actually handle the program.

Online education is not for everyone. Secure your education in the way that works for you.